Survey 2022

Dear members,

One of our main goals at the EFFS is to be a "center of excellence" to our members. Today, the EFFS is already a central European resource of information for many professionals in the funeral sector and we are continually optimizing this resource. We can't achieve this without your support and therefore we would like to ask for some of your valuable time. Most information is specifically intended solely for your reference as EFFS members and some information is made available publicly.

We have compiled some questions for you in the following sections:

  • Section I - Education
  • Section II - EN15017
  • Section III - Repatriation - cross-border regulations

and would greatly appreciate your input by 31.12.2022. Your input will assist us in many ways, but mostly for you as members by having information from all main European countries at the click of a button, as the EFFS "center of excellence" continues to grow.

We thank you in advance for taking the time.

Section I – Education
1. Is it mandatory in your country to be qualified as a funeral professional in order to run a funeral business?*

If no, please continue with question 4.

2. If yes:

Who provides education?
3. Is your education programme acknowledged in Europe, i.e. EU acceptance?*
4. Although it is not mandatory by law, is it common practice in your country?*
5. Should education be mandatory in the funeral profession in your opinion?*
Section II – EN15017
1. Do you work with the EN15017?*

If yes, please answer the following:

4. Has the EN15017 be incorporated into national law in your country?
5. Is it planned?
7. Does a certification programme exist?

8. If yes, what type of association certifies adherence to the EN15017

Is ISO 9001 an alternative to the EN15017
Section III – Repatriation
Do you work with agreements / treaties in place (e.g. Berlin Agreement, Strasbourg Agreement, other bilateral or multilateral agreements)?*
Which agreements (multiple answers possible)
In your opinion, is it necessary to establish European regulation?*
In your opinion, do you believe it is realistic to establish European regulation?*
What are your biggest obstacles, i.e. problem areas when transporting deceased across borders:
Is embalming required by law for repatriation?*